Holi on tour: the festival of colours

25th August

The festival of colours comes back to Bibione! Music, smiles and a rainbow of powders to celebrate life...

It takes inspiration from one of the oldest Hindu celebrations of the spring season. In India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan there are two days of festivities with singing, dancing and throwing of coloured powder through the streets of the city and the villages, with the lighting of a bonfire that states the victory of good over evil, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a day during which people can forget all the pain, forgive and all the social classes celebrate together.

Holi on Tour 2019

The event takes place on Sunday, 25th August from 3:30 pm on the beach of Piazzale Zenith.

The entrance is free, while bags of coloured powder will be on sale only within the festival at the stand with official merchandising placed inside the event area.