Wi-Fi coverage

A hi-tech village, looking at the future!

free wi-fiKeeping in contact on social networks with your friends is easy at the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale: the Wi-Fi is FREE!
The signal covers all the village, beach included.
Villas and mobile homes with PLATINUM, PLUS, COMFORT option and Apartments have included in price the fast Wi-Fi connection.

All guests can use the Free Wi-Fi, the maximum speed is 1 Mbps, if you need a powerful connection we suggest you to buy our packages of 1 day, 1 week or 15 days.

Where to buy the fast connection:
To have your username and password please ask at the Reception.

You can choose from these types of connections:
1 day
1 week
15 days
*valid for 1 device

How it works?

  • be sure that wi-fi search function is on and wait for the Wi-Fi connection list
  • select the right network
  • wait for the connection
  • the default browser should open and a page of authentication is supposed to appear (if it doesn’t, open the default browser and digit a web site adress), press “accept” button
  • insert your Username and Password
  • if you have done all the passages in the right way, you will be able to browse.

Rates for Wi-Fi on payment:

  • 24 hours = Euro 4,00
  • 1 week = Euro 15,00
  • 2 weeks = Euro 30,00